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I'm quicklydiscovering that DIY is very much part of being a Kiwiand so is outdoor entertaining.

For two teams ofDIY enthusiasts, that is about tobe put to the test.

Their aim is to build theirdream outdoor entertaining space before the doors re-openat 7 o'clock tomorrow morning.

Think we can make that? Just go a little bitfaster, all right? They'll have freerun of the store and they'll be paired with ateam of professional builders.

Get these bigframes put up first, get our roof structure sorted.

We've still got allthis decking to put up.

It's definitelygoing to be a race.

For their efforts, theywill be able to take their outdoorentertaining space home, but ultimately they arebuilding for the first prize of $5,000 worth of Mitre 10products for their next DIY project.

They have their plans drawnbut, for both teams, that is just the beginningof the journey ahead.

Our first team arebrothers, Josh and Julian.

Me and my brother,we work together by just kind ofworking off each other, like especially with design.

He has one thing,I have another, or we just yell at eachother and throw hammers.

Our project for The Lock-in is,dare I say, quite ambitious, but if we pull it off itcould be something special, something people justhaven't actually seen before.

I think he's going tocrack first, but, I mean.

Yeah, I think I'll crack,but you'll pull me back.

Should be all right.

Up against them, areFilipe and Olivia.

I met Filipe in New Zealand'sone-and-only Brazilian bath in Christchurch.

Dad said, "Have you gotyourself a boyfriend yet?" and I said, "Yeah, Dad, Igot myself a Brazilian.

" And he went, "Oh, Idon't need to know that.


" We've done prettymuch everything here, but the grass isvery special to me.

It's a lot of hard work.

I spend over an hour everynight watering everything.

Filipe entered The Lock-inbecause he loves Mitre 10.

It's like beinglocked in a chocolate factory for the night.

I'm the teams' project manager,helping them stay on schedule.

But they'll need to communicateclearly with their builders, or things might notbe looking so good by the time the sun comes up.

Now, Stan and I will be judgingthe outdoor entertaining areas tomorrow morning.

We'll be looking at howwell the designs came to life, the materialsused, any smart innovation, and those all-importantfinishing touches.

So guys, here we go.

Let's lock the doors.

All right, guys, sohere are the plans.

Josh and Julian'sinnovative design means they're outdoorentertaining structure will be roadworthy and mobile.

Starting with anoff-the-shelf trailer, they'll have the help of awelder to erect a steel frame.

Using ply, they'llinstall a bar, and with waterproof showerlining, a roof, both of which can fold down for travel.

The floor willuse decking timber and feature under-floor storage.

To really impress, they'llbe installing a barbecue and have made theirown fold-out furniture.

If they pull it off,these lads will drive away towing a piece of engineeringthat will be the envy of all.

Just in there?– this is thebones of the whole project.

If we don't getthis right, I don't know what we are going to do.

We live in Papamoa Beach andwe're literally 400 meters from the beach.

And we really enjoyhaving friends and family over in the backyard, watchingour girls and kids run around.

So to have the opportunityto build our dream barbecue entertainmentarea, in one night? It's a prettyawesome opportunity.

Filipe and Olivia'sdesign is a whopper and uses a stack of materials.

The sub-floor measuresa massive 5.

3 meters.

The pre-made framingand roof truss will support the expansiveroof, using only one full wall.

Once up, thestructure will be clad in a mix of weatherboardand pine timber and include plumbingand electrics.

The back wall is at 3/4 height,anchoring the outdoor kitchen and built-in barbecue.

A hanging garden, a hangingchair and an open plan design will create arelaxed social space, perfect for entertaining.

Are we goinginterior or exterior? Exterior.

All good.

Going up as planned.

So Stan, we've got Joshua andJulian and our first steel structure.

Yeah, it is, mate.

I saw this in the plans andI thought, how the heck are they going to pull this off? It looks like it's doinga bit of gymnastics, lots of moving parts.

Yeah, what they've got isa deck that's folding down.

They've got a roofthat's folding up.

They've got a barthat's spinning around.

So it's not a projectyou'd undertake lightly in your backyardunless you've got some really good knowledge aboutwelding and working with steel.

Essentially, they've just takena stock-standard trailer here from Mitre 10.

They're using a welderstraight off the shelf and they're building thisthing in front of us, and it's coming outabsolutely fantastic.

The build's going well.

We've got most of the frame up.

Now a matter of claddingeverything with some timber.

It's going to take a while,but we should be all right.

So we've got Filipe and Olivia.

This, to me, looks like it'squite big build, isn't it? It looks like a long footprint.

Well, it's a big open area.

There's only essentiallyone full wall on the end, and it's holding theback of the roof up.

We've got a 3/4 high wall acrossthe back of the cupboards.

And then the rest is kind oflike a big open, floating room.

It's going really well, I think.

The structure's startingto take form, take shape.

And the builders arereally good, they're quick.

Nothing's a problem,they're easy to work with.

It seems like it's avery simple structure, but they have got storageacross the back of there, and they've got abarbecue in there.

It's relativelycomplicated, isn't it? The more you look at it.


They still reallydo have their hands full, even though they'veonly got a couple of walls.

I'm waiting to paintand stain and that's what I'm a littlebit anxious about.

It is the halfwaypoint at The Lock-in and the teams have beenbuilding for four hours to get their structureswelded, built in place.

Now from here, all theyreally have to do is line, wire, paint and fullyfinish all of their areas.

Now, these things might notseem like the most entertaining things in the world,but it's these elements that will determine the winner.

Now I'm just gettingmy plants together.

There's a lot of woodin that structure, so we just need to breakup some of that wood and really bring it to lifewith these gorgeous plants.

Do you remember the bucketthat we had at Pop's house? Well yeah, the outdoor shower.

Yeah, so if we can put abucket off the end there, and then it's just got likea little valve underneath it that releases it? That's great.

That's nice, becauseit's got the armrest it's a little bit morecomfortable than yours, isn't it? Well, let's swap.

Yes, let's see.

Oh, Is that one better? We'll go with this.

All right.

We've got so much to do.

OK, so me and my brother had alittle chat about our design, and we feel that there is away that we can improve it.

So we're going to bedoing an outdoor shower.

That looks so good.

You can really feel it, eh? Everyone is going to love this.

So at this stageof the game, we're looking at the lighting,the finishing touches, and it looks like itcould be a little bit of a dark structurewith the tin roof and the wood against the wall.

But the lighting isgoing to really lift it and make it a lot morepleasing and relaxing and ambient.

[WHISTLES] Hey guys, you'vegot one more hour, so you want to start thinkingabout exactly what you need to do to finish off.

We've still got allthis decking to put up.

It's definitelygoing to be a race.

Do that pretty muchkind of diagonal.

Those are all fitted, right? Where do you wantthis one to go? I don't know, just chuck them inanywhere and if they look good, we leave them.

There's what? 15 minutes left and we're stillassembling all the furniture.

It's just crazy.

Do you think we can make it? Yeah.

Just go a little bitfaster, all right? Almost there, but we stillneed to get this thing dressed.

Just a couple of minutesleft and I really like these beanbags.

I'm going to get some beanbags.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,five, four, three, two, one.

That's it, guys, tools down.

Well done, everyone.


We did all right together.

We really played offeach other's strengths and just pulled through and Ihaven't been happier about it.

I can't believe we builtthis in just one night.

I know, right? Are your legs aching? My knees are aching.

Filipe and Olivia, what a build.

Incredible, isn't it? I absolutely love it.

The brief was, create anoutdoor entertaining area.

I could see this inanyone's back garden.


Nicely clad, They'vegot the fridge in they've handledall the units, they've got the corrugatediron on the roof, they've got the lighting in.

It's really hard to fault this.

And they've finished itbefore the sun's come up.

Nailed it.

Stan, this is such anelegant structure, isn't it? Very simple.

Beautifully done.

I'm actually quite speechless.

This is really, really amazing.

It's genius, really,because lots of things move, pop in, popout, so you can fold all of this away sothe trailer all tucks in.

This comes down.

Oh yes, I think that's the roof.

I saw them testing on with that.

That goes all the way down,falls down on the other side, and then down here they'veput in these little hatches for your beers.


And so this little tablehere pivots, folds up.

The deck folds up, this foldsdown, very, very compact and smart.

I don't know how we do this.

I think this is agenius piece of design.

I think the other build,Olivia and Filipe, is fantastic, really well doneand very different schemes.

But both brilliant.

When I first saw thatall finished I thought, yeah, I'm going to go for that.

But now I'm standing up here.

I'm thinking, I could reallydo with one of these as well.

Hey guys, justbefore we kick it off I want to say what anoutstanding job you guys have done.

Seriously, you'vefollowed the brief and you've absolutely nailed it.

A really, really good job.

You communicated reallywell within your teams and with the builders.

I heard the builders reallyworked hard for you, as well, which is fantastic.

But it comes down to the designand execution of each build.

Now, two very differentschemes, different forms of construction.

You guys had a lot of steel,you guys had a lot of timber.

Both very elegantbuilds, as well.

You have completelyfinished them, so the good news is, youget to take them home.

How good is that? Now, the big prize is $5,000worth of Mitre 10 products for you to take homefor next DIY project.

And there can beonly one winner.

Or maybe not.

We were completely split.

And it wasn't like we weresplit that one person liked one person liked the other.

We both loved both.

They're bothoutstanding structures.

You've absolutelyfinished them perfectly and they're two completelydifferent builds.

You're both winners.

We're going to split the prize.


That's so cool.

We did this for theexperience more than anything.

It's just beenabsolutely fantastic, the whole way through.

We're real chuffed.

I think the experiencehas been great.

I don't think there arethat many people have the opportunity to dosomething like that.

And the money was split, soit couldn't have been better.