Modular Grill Cabinets

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Framing4U Modular Outdoor Cabinetry manufacturers cabinet frames that support various outdoor kitchen grills and accessories.

Our products are made from 20 gauge G 40 galvanized steel in Blackhawk, South Dakota.

In this video we'll give you a short introduction to how our frames are manufactured, how they're packaged and how they're assembled.

Finally, we'll point out some of the features that we're most proud of.

We start with advanced CAD engineering software to aid in designing a cabinet frame that perfectly fits a particular Grill or accessory.

The CAD program is directly integrated with automated machining.

This end-to-end process delivers unrivaled quality and extreme precision.

The key to our packaging is in the C- channel design of the unassembled components.

By interlacing parts, dense sturdy packaging is achieved.

Up to 24 boxes can be shipped on a single pallet.

Individual boxes are manageable and Mail ready.

Each box contains all required assembly hardware and clear well illustrated instructions.

Components for FRONT, BACK,TOP and two SIDE panels are individually bundled and every piece is printed with a part number that matches the instructions diagram.

Clip-N-Zip dimples clip components in place during assembly and as needlepoint screws are ziped tight, components are drawn together and locked into precise alignment.

Many of our frames are designed with alternate assembly configurations.

The F4U-FM-540/660 cabinet for example, will fit a Fire Magic 540 in this configuration, or a 660 in the alternate.

The F4U-K34 is height adjustable in 1 inch increments to accommodate most kamado and egg style grills.

The key to our modularity is the use of identical side panels for all our frames.

The aligned bolt holes are used to join multiple cabinets in unlimited arrangements.

An integrated leveling system is included to provide multiple contact points to facilitate the precise insertion of shim material along an entire run of cabinets.

TapConn holes are located around the base and along the back panels and as a finishing touch Clip-N-Zip dimples countersink screw heads.

Durock or similar sits flush and is easily mounted rigidly to the frame with self tapping screws.

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