Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen

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Hey everybody, Don at Heat 'N Sweep.

Outdoor Design Wednesday! I have some fun stuff I want to show you thatwe can create and put on your patio as well.

Right to my left is the outdoor refreshmentcenter.

It's got an ice chest underneath, put yourice in here, your refreshments here.

You've got a little sink.

Towel bar, pop opener.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Off to my left is the breakfast club.

This is my favorite item.

I can literally do bacon and eggs and frenchtoast and pancakes on the grill.

I've got a couple of burners so I can do whateverI want to cook.

Naturally, to my left I have a fabulous outdoorbarbecue grill.

I can roast, I can rotisserie, I can smoke- it's amazing what I can do with this center right here.

We'll design and build this on your patioas well.

And of course, don't forget the amazing outdoortelevision! This can stay outside year round.

It has a cooling system in it for the hotsummer, and it has a heating system in it for the cold winter.

I mean, isn't that amazing? You can watch the games on this, you can watchthe parade at New Year's Day on this.

It's amazing! And of course, to stay warm and cozy, we'vegot a fire table that really puts off about 40-45,000 BTUs of heat.

It'll take the chill off, it'll warm it up.

And of course, this pillow is brand new, it'sa fabulous color, I love the looks of it.

But what's really unique is it's a down filledpillow, so it's softer than anything you've ever felt.

And it can stay outside in the rain! I mean, what will they think of next, right? Of course the chair I am in swivels and rocksand glides, and is the most comfortable chair.

This collection that I'm seated in is calledthe chat collection.

So 4 people, 6 people can sit around the fireand have refreshments, drinks, we can eat, we can relax, we can enjoy the good times.

Anyhow, isn't that what it's all about – havinga great time on the patio with your family and friends, making life better for you andeveryone? Tell you what, stop in, we'll design an amazingoutdoor space for your backyard and for your enjoyment as well.

Thanks so much for checking in, we'll seeyou next week and give you another update on what's new and unique in our world of outdoorliving.

Thanks so much, bye for now.