Cowboy Kitchen

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all right well here she is I've got it – almost complete its my cowboykitchen outdoor kitchen whatever you want to call it I kind oflike cowboy kitchen kind of cool anyways I got my grilling table here I still got some trim to do i'm going toput some plexiglass on top of it so that i have a smoother surface and betterarea to clean so we'll just keep it a little more sanitary.

down here I got acouple cabinets where my spices are going to go going to collect a bunch andthen down here this is just so i can get underneath theWeber here and clean it out, and storage I'll put my coals, charcoal in thereeverything and then yeah looks pretty cool i like it so to complete my littlecowboy kitchen here got my sink kitchen sink oh yeah look atthis was a fun project too, everything that I've used wood wise has come outof my scrap pile out there when we were working on this house here remodeling and everything and tearingand gutting everything got all that scrap wood and put this thing togethersame with this so free of charge other than labor andwell the stain had to do the stain on it so but yeah here it is now I don't have to go inside to wash myhand there she works drains right down into mylittle bucket let's do this, yeah I like it! Dig it! going to work well i'll probably put atrash can right there I don't know.

Anyways this is my cowboy kitchen thank you very much.