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Hey everybody, Don at Heat 'N Sweep. Outdoor Design Wednesday! I have some fun stuff I want to show you thatwe can create and put on your patio as well. Right to my left is the outdoor refreshmentcenter. It's got an ice chest underneath, put yourice in here, your refreshments here. You've got a little sink. Towel bar, […]

hey everyone welcome back to anotherexciting episode of Baum Grillinz and today is an exciting episode becausewell we're doing pizza and I love pizza I love pizza on the grill that's forsure now we're going to make the Baum perfect pizza and that means it's justkind of one of those pizzas that I like to make like to […]

Hi, I’m Randy with BBQGuys. Com! Thinking about building your own outdoor kitchen? We always have customers ask us what productswe recommend they choose for their outdoor kitchen. Today we’re going to discuss the basic itemsthat are very popular in outdoor kitchens as well as introduce you to other items youmight not have thought about, but can definitely […]

Framing4U Modular Outdoor Cabinetry manufacturers cabinet frames that support various outdoor kitchen grills and accessories. Our products are made from 20 gauge G 40 galvanized steel in Blackhawk, South Dakota. In this video we'll give you a short introduction to how our frames are manufactured, how they're packaged and how they're assembled. Finally, we'll point out some of […]

So why would a homeowner want to own this product? Well, reliable precision. Proper fit is always assured. Our Frames come out accurate and square every time. A knock on benefit of that is that the exterior finish, whether it's simple stucco or complex masonry, will be of higher quality because the finished craftsman doesn't need to hide […]

[theme music] Building an outdoor kitchenis a pretty big investment, both in time and in money, butan outdoor minibar like this is totally doable andpretty much all you need. That's right. We wrapped thismini bar in cedar to make it outdoor friendly. That's right. Here's how you canmake this project, too. [music playing] For the bottom frame, we'llneed […]

Adding a kitchen or fire feature is a greatway to get more enjoyment out of an outdoor living space and can also add value to a property. Recent innovations in modular cabinetry from RTF Systems have made the construction processmuch easier and more efficient. Because of the modular design cabinet assembly can becompleted in hours instead of days […]

all right well here she is I've got it – almost complete its my cowboykitchen outdoor kitchen whatever you want to call it I kind oflike cowboy kitchen kind of cool anyways I got my grilling table here I still got some trim to do i'm going toput some plexiglass on top of it so that i have […]

I'm quicklydiscovering that DIY is very much part of being a Kiwiand so is outdoor entertaining. For two teams ofDIY enthusiasts, that is about tobe put to the test. Their aim is to build theirdream outdoor entertaining space before the doors re-openat 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. Think we can make that? Just go a little bitfaster, all right? […]

Are you looking to build a custom outdoorkitchen? Look no further thandiscount outdoorkitchens. Com We carry top quality outdoor kitchen appliances and accessoriesto help you build that outdoor kitchen of your dreams. The variety of outdoor kitchen applianceswe offer are unparalleled by any other company. We are master dealers for a variety of topmanufacturers which gives you the […]